Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ReGenesis 2x2 Scam Review and Marketing tips

ReGenesis 2x2 business opportunity claims to do all the marketing and hard work for you, can this be true? is their actually a money tree out their that will create you a ton of money by doing nothing? or is it just a scam? The truth is it's to early to tell. Whenever a new online company is created people want to know if it is legit or not. So many people will tarnish the image of a company simply to promote their own, it is hard to get the truth and the fact is, only time will tell the new company's future outcome.
The ReGenesis 2x2 business opportunity is a New Start up Company so their has not been adequate time to honestly determine if it is a scam or not; however, their are a few things that seem a little close to the edge. The Product you are buying is called the A.R.S. The Automated Recruiting System and 300 leads which can be used for any opportunity. When you join the company you pay $300.00 for an income producing commission center and 300 leads. You can buy as many $300.00 commission centers as you like and earn money through a forced matrix. You are automatically placed in what is called a marketing coop where every time 2 new distributors are recruited beneath you your commission center will cycle and you earn money.

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