Friday, October 2, 2009

People Don't Fail... They Quit!

Their are so many reasons why people fail in their MLM business, but the truth is they don't fail at all they simply just quit. A piece of equipment that no longer works fails, a bridge that collapses and stops doing its intended job fails, but people don't fail we simply just quit. We quit are marriages, we quit are workouts, and we quit are dreams and our businesses. When the going gets tough it is so much easier to quit and blame someone else than to stick with it and figure out the problem. I met the CEO of one of the most successful MLM companies at a conference years ago and I still remember the words he told me that I live by today, " If you want to succeed at anything, get started and never ever quit!"

I doesn't matter if you are building your MLM business or just trying to achieve a certain goal, remember and believe you cannot fail you can only quit, I know it's easier said then done but it is the truth of all successful people, they set their goals, they get started and they never quit they just find a way to win. Here are a few tips to help your process and keep a proper mindset.

•When your building your MLM Business surround yourself with leaders and like minded people.
•Stay motivated by reading and educating yourself
•Set your daily goals and follow them, even if you just are able to accomplish 1 goal, do it make it small
•Reward yourself for your accomplishments even the small victories
•Stay away from the every day negative minded people that will steal your dreams.

I have wanted to quit my journey thousands upon thousands of times, sometimes daily, even several times a day. I would try to justify to myself that working a job wasn't that bad, that being away from my family every day or night wasn't that bad, working 50 out of 52 weeks a year was ok, having my employer tell me when I could take my vacation was ok, living paycheck to paycheck and watching my family struggle to pay bills was just the normal, but I didn't want to be normal, I wanted more, I wanted a life where I could give back and enjoy life so I got started and I never quit, and I never will, when I accomplish a goal, I set another and push myself. So If you dream is to become the Top Producer with MLM or you are just trying to loose 20 pounds set your goals, get started, surround yourself with leaders and never quit!